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The Famous Five are back! Add to Clippings

Ritu Sur

[ Friday, November 04, 2005 09:57:21 pmTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]
Comedy is serious business. Thus, to make a mark in this genre is indeed commendable.

Ironically, much before producer Ekta Kapoor became famous for her saas-bahu serials, Hum Paanch, the comic tale of a harried father and his five daughters, was her first successful series.

Commencing in 1995, it went on for five years, immortalising the characters and their quirky characteristics that made for very interesting watching. Now, Hum Paanch Ab tadkah maar ke! is back in an all-new format with more mirch-masala, with almost the same star cast.

Vandana, who plays the role of Meenakshi the hardcore man-hater, feminist, reveals, "Nothing much has changed fundamentally. Only now, I'm shown married with a daughter, seen with a belan in my hand, almost always, and my husband is very scared of me!"
Bhairavi, playing Kajal Bhai, the tomboy with a no-nonsense attitude, shares, "In spite of five years having gone by, I don't think we're looking so different for the viewers to have forgotten us. Whoever I met, said they would love to watch Hum Paanch again. So I'm sure it'll do well this time too."

Chhoti, the gossip monger, played by Pusshti, is a new entrant in the serial, but for the way they have welcomed her, she hardly feels so. "It really feels like family, though I'm new to the set-up."