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You are a successful male in your 30s and have just moved into your brand new home. The first few days pass in a flurry of parties and you generously order the best of take away's for all your pals. But once the party is over and it's time to settle down, the reality of having moved into your own very empty pad sinks in.

You have a choice. You could, like television actor Rajeev Khandelwal get the help of an interior designer to spruce up your home. Or, if you have the inclination, browse through magazines and go shopping for the best buys. Your best bet would be to scan the papers each morning and look out for cheap deals and good sales. Khandelwal says it's best to go for the basic essentials for each room. "You must know what you require in your kitchen. You could also get a carpenter to make furniture for you based on your specifications and design."

You could also spread the word amongst your circle of friends and colleagues to keep you posted on trendy stuff. If you know people who have recently done up their homes, you could get tips from them.