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Rajeev, Aamna boycott ITA
   By: Vickey Lalwani
    November 9, 2005

No show: Aamna Shariff
and Rajeev Khandelwal
Good friends Rajeev Khandelwal and Aamna Shariff boycotted the Hero Honda ITA Awards, held yesterday at the Bhavan’s College Grounds in Andheri.

The Kashish and the former Sujal of Kahiin To Hoga were conspicuous by their absence, despite Aamna being nominated for best actress in the popular category.

Amrita nahin, Aamna

Says a close friend of Rajeev, “ITA approached Rajeev to do an item with Amrita Saluja (Roma of Time Bomb); and Aamna Shariff to do a number with Gurpreet Singh (the current Sujal).

However, Aamna told ITA she would prefer performing with Rajeev. Rajeev had even been sent a contract, but after that, ITA didn’t get back to him.

At first, he didn’t know who he was performing with; he simply knew that they wanted him to do something on stage. He found out that they wanted him with Amrita only three days ago, when Amrita herself told him,” the friend adds.

Close to Rajeev

Why didn’t Aamna want to perform with Gurpreet? Says Rajeev’s friend, “It’s not that she didn’t want to perform with Gurpreet; she strongly felt that she would give a better performance with someone she is close to (Rajeev); the body language and comfort levels would be relatively superior.
In fact, she even questioned ITA about their concept. ‘What do you want me to perform as — Kashish or Aamna? Surely, this is not a Star Parivaar Awards, where you are looking at Sujal and Kashish as a jodi.’ At a certain point, Star Plus categorically told Aamna they did not want her to perform with Rajeev.”

‘Not well’ excuse

When contacted, Aamna would only say, “I did not feel like attending.” And Rajeev said, “I was not feeling well.” When asked whether he would have preferred to shake a leg with Aamna, he chuckled, “Maybe next time.” Anu Ranjan (president, ITA) chose to remain silent on the issue.