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Tulsi to kill Savita in Kyunki
   By: Upala KBR
    November 5, 2005

KYUNKI BAHU AB SAAS HAI: Savita (left, played by Apara Mehta) and Tulsi (Smriti Z Iraani) in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi
Ekta Kapoor has dealt with social issues like marital rape, widowhood and sex determination tests in her soaps. Now, she is set to weave in the sensitive subject of euthanasia in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.

20-year leap

“It’s true that we have touched upon the controversial issue of mercy killing,” says the producer.

“The episodes will air in December this year. In a series of events leading up to the situation, Tulsi (Smriti Z Iraani) will kill her mother-in-law, Savita (Apara Mehta), as an act of mercy.

This will lead to Mihir (Ronit Roy) and Tulsi splitting up (to meet again 20 years later). For the first time in the history of Kyunki, Baa (Sudha Shivpuri) will tell Tulsi she doesn’t want to see her face ever again.”

Moksha or murder?

Why did she decide to take up this issue? “I have dealt with social issues in all my soaps. I was always interested in mercy killing; I believe in it and feel it should be legalised, subject to certain laws that make sure people don’t misuse it.

What I find extremely interesting is the fact that in Hindu mythology, to kill a suffering soul is to give him moksha, or set him free; but by other standards, mercy killing is murder. How do we understand this contradiction? I am definitely taking a clear stand on this,” Ekta adds.
Baa’s death postponed

Won’t this be a shocker for Kyunki fans? “Yes, Savita has always been Tulsi’s biggest ally, antagonist, support and altar ego; her biggest catalyst in every drama. Their relationship made the show.

Today, why should Tulsi do such a thing? The mercy killing will be a turning point for the serial after Ansh’s death. After killing her son in cold blooded, Tulsi kills her mother-in-law out of mercy.” Ekta says Baa’s death “had to be postponed because of popular demand; it will happen after the transition.”

In the leap, which happens in February next year, Ekta plans to rope in Kkavyanjali star Eijaz Khan in a major role — the main grandson, either Saahil or Gautam’s son. “The main cast of Kyunki will remain the same. I have spoken to everyone and all of them have agreed.”

Nimmo found

After searching for months for an actress to play the lead of Nimmo in Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka (earlier called Kannu Ki Kismat and loosely based on Ekta’s life), to be launched on Star One this December, Ekta Kapoor zoomed in newcomer Sanchita to play the role
— she met the actress at a party at Hilton Towers in September.

Discloses a Balaji source, “Ekta liked the look of the girl and told her friend Natassha to ask her if she wanted to act. Sanchita said yes, as she was an actress, though the rest thought she was quite plain to look at.

We called her to audition for another new serial, but couldn’t use her as we had already found someone. This week, when we were looking for Nimmo, Ekta asked for Sanchita’s audition tapes. The moment we saw them, we realised we had found our Nimmo.”